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Problem with Offline Files with Cisco NSS322 (firmware 1.3)


We've recently bought a new NSS322 NAS box to replace an ageing Windows SBS 2003 file server. We've upgraded the firmware to 1.3, and begun moving files across from the Windows server to the new NAS box. However, we're having a problem with Offline Files on the NAS, as attempting to make directories available offline on Windows clients (only tried Vista Business 32-bit so far) we get loads of errors stating that these files cannot be made available offline "because they are in use" (or something like that).

Any suggestions as to why this might be? It doesn't appear to affect all files, but most of them.

I've read somewhere that the "allow oplocks" setting can affect this if disabled, but it is already enabled on the device, so this can't be the cause of the problem.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated, as at the moment this issue is rendering our NAS unusable as we rely heavily on the offline files functionality.

Thanks in advance.


I have some more information - this appears to be related to the ownership permissions of the files on the NAS. New files created on the NAS can be made available offline, and have the ownership of the person who created the file, however, the files we moved across from the server are all listed as being owned by the user "guest" (I think this may be related to the fact that when we moved the files over, the user was logged in as "admin" rather than a user on the AD Domain). I should be able to resolve this through changing the owner of the files on the NAS, but I can't seem to do this, as I get an "access denied" error each time I try to change ownership.

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Is there any chance someone's going to be able to help me with this? I've currently spent £500 on a box that I can't use. If it can't handle Offline Files satisfactorily, it's no use to us.

I've been looking at this a bit more - if appears that each user can make files they have created available offline, but files created by other people cannot - the error message that appears is: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".

I'm getting desperate here...can anyone help?

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