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What is your favorite improvement in Firmware v1.2.0


We have recently posted a new firmware version to the download center for the Cisco Smart Storage series.


Resource Monitor

Web File Manager

UPS Support improvements

NFS version4



iSCSI v3

Multimedia Station

Mount ISO Shares

Virtual Host

Time Machine updates

Download the new version and let us know what is your favorite improvement?


Time Machine things are nice, since I just had to do that directly on the device the other day.

Haven't used much else...

But, was using globaSAN 4.0 on my mac to connect to iSCSI.  Worked nearly flawlessly on NSS firmware 1.1, on upgrading to 1.2, it pretty much destroyed it.  The connection locks up almost all the time, which locks my entire mac up (some of the file data is on the iSCSI mount).  Have tried a few things, but looks like it made that feature nearly worthless for me.

Hi Eric,

  Sorry for the frustration. The firmware 1.2.0 comes with new version of iSCSI (v2). The NSS is now can support multiple LUN on the same iSCSI target and the maximun increase to 256 iSCSI target instead of iSCSI version in firmware 1.1.0 where user can only work with the max of 8 iSCSI targets. While the upgrade can produced much more value, including the migration of iSCSI target to the new scheme of iSCSI version 2. It is neccessary for user to re-initiate the iSCSI initiator again in order to establish the stable iSCSI connection.  All your data are still intact. When you re-do the iSCSI initiator, you will have everything back like you used to have and much more new improve/enhancement features that FW 1.2 has to offer.

SInce you are using iSCSI feature,  the backward firmware compatibility is strongly not recommended.  Please call support team to understand the iSCSI scheme changes.

Please let us know so we can provide further assistant to you.

Best Regards,

Clint Doan

globalSAN, the software I was using to do the targetting, reconnected just fine after the firmware upgrade.   It would also work for up to a few minutes.  However at some point it would lock up the entire connection.  That was using 4.0.  I retried using 4.1 beta, same problem.  Finally downgraded to version 3.3, and it worked.  So it's back to being stable (just got it working a few minutes ago in fact), but nothing was said that I may have problems in the release notes, or things like that could happen, so kind of surprised when it did.


Thanks for your feedback.  We'll try to replicate your experience with GlobalSAN 3.3, 4.0, and 4.1 Beta.  Good data point in the short term for others who upgrade.

The Resource Monitor is far better than in the last version.

By the way: what about the option "Handle sparse files efficiently" in "Backup/External Drive"? I cannot find it in online help.

Regards, Leonardo



you can review the definition of Sparse files to better understand this option.

Jason Bryant

Cisco Support Engineer

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