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100% CPU usage. RV180W Firmware Version


Since I updated to Firmware Version cpu usage shows 100% with no sing of lowering.

So since 2 days now its always runngin at full speeds for no reason.

Firmware Update, Factory Reset, Setup as before. => 100% CPU


Is this a common problem? Is there any fix for that? Or at least a way to get informations what causes this?

Kind reagards


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Hi Jan, thank you for using our forum, my name is Johnnatan I am part of the Small business Support community. I apologize for this inconvenience, I was thinking then the firmware update is successfully updated the router changed few settings and that could cause the overload.

1. There is something you need to take on mind, if you are using multiples VPN, you are running IPS, you have a high level encryption security level, multiple ACL, I advise you to disable the protocols that you are not using.

2. You could check the MTU size (1500 recommended but it depends).

3. You could perform a factory reset and reconfigure just the necessary features.

I hope you find this answer useful

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Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.
Cisco Network Support Engineer.

“Please rate useful posts so other users can benefit from it” Greetings, Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda. Cisco Network Support Engineer.

After Factory Reset and after disabling all vpn + passthrough and no internet connection:

same problem. After I reflashed the firmware with factory default settings the same problem plus, setting up the wan connection took me 60 minutes!!! +5 router reboots and still cpu usage is 100%

simple no vpn just wlan / dsl setup, mtu is default to 1492. nothing fancy. old firmware dropped my dsl connection for no reason without a chance of reenabling. new firmware looks like it wants to kill my cpu.. for no reason.

According to your 1. point. nothing matches my configuration. no vpn acl ips.

hope you have another idea. or a fixed firmware.

Kind regards

Jan Bartling

This issue still exist with latest firmware 4 years later.

Had the same issue (RV180 FW:, fix it by disabling the "WAN Traffic Meter".


Hope that helps.


let me add my situation as well that seems to be the same.

I've also  disabled DHCP server, but nothing change