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Active FTP client connection through RV320


I have a Cisco RV320 as firewall in my network. I have two Ricoh network printers wich only FTP in active mode. I need to scan to a remote FTP server. How must I configure the RV320 to permit the incoming FTP data transmissions?

In passive mode there is no problem, but I have been talking with Ricoh and none of its printers can FTP in passive mode (very bad Ricoh).

For active mode to work I need to forward incoming transmissions initiated outside my LAN (by the FTP server) towards an undefined local port. I'm able to determine this undefined local port, so I can NAT a port-range to allow incoming FTP-Data transmission, but the problem is that i have two printers using the same port range, and no way to change this.

I know that using a VPN will solve the problem, but this is not able in this case, since the FTP service is cloud hosted and shared with other companies.

Any help would be very apreciated.