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Advice with Site-toSite VPN Setup

Hi all

I'm needing to set up a site to site VPN specifically for deploying multiple IP phones at a remote site.  I need help selecting the right hardware.

At my central site with the phone system (Samsung 7100) I have an ADSL connection using a Linksys AG300 dedicated to the phone connection.  At my remote site I currently do not have a device, though have been playing with a DLink dir-130 that refuses to play nice with the AG300.  The remote site connects to the interweb via a router I don't control but will do VPN passthrough.

My central site is a static IP, but the remote site is not.

Can anyone suggest the right peace of kit.  The rv042 looks like it may be OK, but I need to be certain.  Note that the devices either end will be the VPN endpoints ie no servers/firewall appliances either end.


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Re: Advice with Site-toSite VPN Setup

Hi Nigel,.

I will give you some choices and some basic reasons for my selection. There are a lot more routers in the portfolio, but from your posting you seem to intinate you want to check out the  lower priced Cisco Small Business products. 


A very very low cost Cisco IOS based router.

  • it offers the advantages of Cisco IOS CLI in a low low price
  • excellent debugging
  • excellent counters
  • can be managed by the free utility Cisco Configuration Assistant
  • supported by Cisco TAC
  • Allows for site to site IPSec VPN tunnels
  • There are two  ADSL variants   SR520-ADSL-K9 SR520-ADSLI-K9
  • Wireless versions as well..but check datasheet.

2. RV220W  or RV120W (relatively new)

  • Gui only configuration
  • provides IPSec tunnel between gateways
  • enhanced software  compared to older WRV2XX
  • VLAN and trunk support
  • PPTP server (with RV220W)
  • Gig wan and LAN ports on the RV220w
  • supported by Cisco Small Business Support Center

3. RV042  (refresh of a popular router , newly released Version 3 hardware and new firmware)

  • Gui only configuration
  • provides IPSec tunnel between gateways
  • impoved software
  • VLAN and trunk support
  • PPTP server as well
  • supported by Cisco Small Business Support Center

Moving up in features and price, you could check out the;

4. SA500 series ( with newly released version 2 firmware)

  • A very capable box offering IPSec tunnels as well as
  • termination for SSL client vpn tunnels
  • option for IPS, content filtering , trend integration


But spend some time and really  and check out the dataheets on all these products.

Also, If you are a cisco partner there is a management GUI  emulator for the RV220W, RV120W, SA500.  It does go too deeply into the configuration as it only is a emulator, but it provides a great insight into how easy these products are to configure via their built in GUI's.

regards Dave


Advice with Site-toSite VPN Setup

Hi Dave

Thanks for the advice.  That is the price range I'm looking at.

Can the RV042/RV120W be one end of the tunnel, with the AG300 (Linksys ADSL router) as the gateway at the central end, or do I need 2 of these with the modem in bridge mode?  Are my chances of having a stable vpn with 2 dissimilar devices getting slim?



Re: Advice with Site-toSite VPN Setup

I would like to make a note that the RV042 does not have 802.1Q trunking capabilites and that the VLANs are only port-based.