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Basic example for IPSec VPN for RV220W

Hi all

I have been reading about this and trying things for the last couple of days. With no luck.

I am trying to setup IPSec VPN on the router so that I can use the QuickVPN tool (horrible app btw) to connect my laptop to my network.

My question is this - what should I put instead of and when setting up VPN using the Basic VPN setup page?!

The help page only describes the entry page - not explaining what I should put there.

If anyone can send me an example of how to set it up I would really appreciate it.

Note - I was able to setup PPTP VPN but now I want to try IPSec VPN.




Hello guys !

I'm having issues setting up VPN on my RV220W as well.

Intranet 1:

  • static WAN IP for RV220W (given by my ISP)
  • intranet set up on on (computers, printers, etc.)
  • RV220W has the IP

Intranet 2:

  • static WAN IP for WRT54GL (given by my ISP) but this router can be changed if required
  • intranet set up on on (computers, printers, etc.)
  • WRT54GL has the IP

What I need is basically simple:

  • both intranets have access to internet through their respective routers mentioned above.
  • use Cisco's or whatever VPN client to establish a connection between the two intranets so I can access computers like everyone is in the same network.

Could you please tell me how to set up my equipment so this can be achieved ? Probably the most important part would be on the RV220W router.

Thank you !


did you ever get an answer to this?


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Barbaro Lopez

Aghiondea: (this applies to firmware

What bothers me is the lack of support documentation from cisco on using IPSec with the R220W.

If you want to use IPSec, you cannot use the QuickVPN app, follow this document instead. It explains how to set up the RV220w for IPSec, and connecting using free IPSec clients on both Windows and MacOS.

If you want to use QuickVPN you don’t need to worry about setting up IPSec. Just enable remote management (Under Administration/Remote Management) and create your QuickVPN users (Under VPN/ IPSec /VPN Users). Make sure you select the QuickVPN type. Install the QuickVPN tool in your windows machine and you are done.

I know... it is confusing having the QuickVPN users under the IPSec/VPN Users menu.

As well, it is confusing having the pptp settings and users under the IPSec/VPN Users menu.