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Helpful support links - emulator, video tutorials, support pages +

Hello!   This sticky-post will serve as a sign-post for incoming community members. Below you will find links to pages that you may find helpful.    Virtual Assistant - Discover support content and options for your gearSupport page index - Contains a...

CoreyP319 by Cisco Employee
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DMZ on the RV042?

New Cisco owner here and old Sonicwall and Checkpoint hand.  I'd thought I'd give the RV042 a try but I'm having issues with the DMZ configuration.  What I'm used to and what I'm trying to setup is a seperate internal (private) subnet hung off of the...

wtsadmin1 by Beginner
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Configuring RV320 for remote access

Hello,I have a proplem configuring RV320 with the odd IT setup of my ISP,One of my clients wants to be able to give access to his internally hosted database to his partners and bought a public ip from his ISP, Previously his broadband configuration i...

Dawit by Beginner
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SB Networking for Dummies

Ok,I need to set up a WAN Althought I have years of corporate network experience, I have never set one up for a small business..I have an RV215W connected to an ISP DSL WAN. I will need to establish VPN with a new remote office. So, I assume I needed...

RV016 multiplex, upi and uci

Hi,I just bought a RV016 router, I want to configure my DSL with pppoe and my ISP ask me to put the multiplex on llc and upi 8 / uci 32.I configure the username and password correctly by the website on the router but I can not find those options on t...

sprado123 by Beginner
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RV220W VPN Setup

I am trying to setup and configure a VPN on the RV220W that uses IPSEC so I can use the Cisco VPN Client I use at work, I have gone through the user manual 11 or 12 times now but still cannot work it out. I cannot find where on the Rv200W iset up the...

shayne.cox by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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Resolved! RV016 downgrade firmware?

Hi all,Is it possible to downgrade my firmware from  v4.2.2.08 (Apr 26 2013 19:12:26) to v4.1.0.02-tm (Sep 16 2011 18:40:48)? if yes, what are the possible things to happen if i downgrade (i.e. returning to default config, etc)? and what does the "tm...

abelbrazal by Beginner
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RV042 router is getting restart automatically and diag led keep blinking for 5min.

Dear All,I am using RV042 for internal SMB setup, we are configured two ISP's with the router(Static IP and PPOE dial).The router is getting restart automatically and the diag led will keep blinking for 5min, router warranty got expiered and no suppo...