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Helpful support links - emulator, video tutorials, support pages +

Hello!   This sticky-post will serve as a sign-post for incoming community members. Below you will find links to pages that you may find helpful.    Virtual Assistant - Discover support content and options for your gearSupport page index - Contains a...

CoreyP319 by Cisco Employee
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WRVS4400N Wireless problem.

I finally had to replace a customers WRVS4000N v2 router because of serious wireless problems.   We have the router back in the office and have the weirdest thing going.   I changed the configuration of the rotuer to be just an acess point and can co...

chris by Beginner
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Failover ISP connections

Hi, my purpose is to have two ISP connections for to have connection failover for my public server.I have a web server and mail server and I would that when primary ISP connection is down automatically my public servers are available with second ISP ...

rv016 AND Xbox Live

I need help to get this functional. We are trying to use the  Rv016 to run our LANcenter. But when we try and connect to xbox live we  keep getting a strict or moderate NAT type error message.  This is  preventing xboxes that sit right next to each o...

RV042 PPTP connection/setup

I am having some trouble connecting to the RV042 using PPTP.  The following is my setup:I have the PPTP server enabledI  have added a userI have made sure PPTP pass though is enabledI  have opened a port in the firewall (1723)But I cannot  connect.Wh...

printelect by Beginner
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GUI for SR520

Is there a GUI for the SR520 similar to the ESW and AP541 devices?  When trying to setup firewall and nat rules on the SR520, CCA 2.2(4) doesn't seem to have much for capabilities and the CLI is too advanced for a small business.  I've tried to go th...