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Helpful support links - emulator, video tutorials, support pages +

Hello!   This sticky-post will serve as a sign-post for incoming community members. Below you will find links to pages that you may find helpful.    Virtual Assistant - Discover support content and options for your gearSupport page index - Contains a...

CoreyP319 by Cisco Employee
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RVS4000 VLAN Headaches

OK here's what I'm trying to do.Two separate VLANS networks through my RVS4000, namely ports 1-2 and port 3.The RVS4000 gets the internet via a static PPOE modem. The RVS4000, supplies the internet username and password f...

R042 NAT Question

All:We have a rather intricate network setup at our office. We now have two ISPs AT&T using a Netopia (this was our original ISP) and a Comcast business connection. We have purchased the Cisco/Linksys R042 to use both WAN connections to boost our spe...

Divermarv by Beginner
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RVS4000 IPsec

I'm trying to configure an RVS4000 (running latest firmware V1.3.1.0) for IPsec connection.My usecase is that of connecting into my office over IPsec.There are broadly 2 approaches that I'm familiar with;1. IPsec with passphrase2. IPsec with certific...

earlpenny by Beginner
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RV042 VPN trouble

I have 2 rv042 routers connected via a vpn I setup and while I can do most anything across it (i.e. connect to file shares etc ) I can olny print to 1 of 3 printers at the remote site. For some reason I can't print to, or even ping, the other 2 print...

gregciano by Beginner
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RVS 4000 List of IP Reservations

Firmware other day I decided to make a couple of new entries to my list of reservations. When I entered the name I mistakenly used ( and ). I got a warning messaage listing the characters that are not allowed in names. I clicked the OK but...

RVS4000 Port Mirroring

When setting up port mirroring it appears that only the RX for the port is mirrored.  Most devices that I've worked with allow for "[rx|tx|both]" options on the mirrored port.  Is there a way to setup the RVS4000 to mirror both TX and RX for a single...