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PSIRT Notices (January 2023) – RV340 and RV082, RV042, RV016 series

Cisco’s security team has released an advisory for: RV340 Series Small Business routers (PSIRT Notice)  Fix for bug CSCwc53007- RV34x GUI not accessible –  The recommended fix is to upgrade to firmware version, RV042, RV016 (PSIRT Noti...

CoreyP319 by Cisco Employee
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Helpful support links - emulator, video tutorials, support pages +

Hello!   This sticky-post will serve as a sign-post for incoming community members. Below you will find links to pages that you may find helpful.    Virtual Assistant - Discover support content and options for your gearSupport page index - Contains a...

CoreyP319 by Cisco Employee
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Securing router with ACL

I need to secure my routers by only allowing certain hosts on my internal network to access. I use SSH. I have tried using acl's but connection is refused when I set line vty 0 4 to use the access-class # in command.Can someone be so kind to show me ...


Recently i purchased and setup a WRVS4400n for vpn access.  I am able to connect from my home PC (XP) using the quickvpn client.2 Questions.1.  is there a quickvpn client for MAC and if not, any ideas what my options might be?2.  is there a way to co...

Diesel3737 by Beginner
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rv42 Ftp Server

I have a w2003 Ftp Server behind a RV42 Dual Wan (both actives) Router,  users can log in (i can see them in ISSADMIN)  , but they can not see the folders.I tried to configure Port Forwarding,UpNp, Firewall rules but it still doesn't work, all client...

gugacamps by Beginner
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SR520W, ROMMON what happened...

Hello,This config was working fine until we tried to uprgade the IOS.  The SR520 was VPN'ing into a UC520.I have an SR520W Ethernet to Ethernet router, we upgraded the software to 12.4.24.T2, the docs said it works for this platform, and after the re...

WRVS4400N - Remote Management

I recently purchased this router Version 2.0, Latest Firmware has been applied, and I am trying to enable the remote management function, every time i try to enable it, a message box comes up stating that i need to change the default password.Message...