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Alejandro Gidi

Best scenario for PtP bridge with RV0XX

Dear gurus

We would much appreciate your input for a headachless join of two networks.

Due to bandwith requirements, we need to join a network with an RV016 to a network with an RV082 via a point to point air bridge. (VPN over adls was not cutting it) fortunatelly there is line of sight.

We would appreciate if you could advice the propper, procedure.

The info

LocationA                                LocationB

RV016                                     RV082

WAN1 ADSL modem                WAN1 ADSL Modem

WAN2 DedicatedIP modem       WAN2 Free

WAN3..7 free                                     

DHCP                                      DHCP

Servers on LAN                        Servers on LAN

We need LAN-B endpoints to be able to reach servers on location A and viceversa

We pre configured two point to point radios for the tower people to install. (we could change this configs)

Topology (crude sketch)

Our questions: best port to plug the radios into the RVs  WAN ports? switch ports?  What rules or static routes need to be created?

We do not wish to change the IP clases/subnets if possible. All suggestions, pointers and ideas are welcomed.

looking forward to this.

Alejandro Gidi

Any ideas? bump

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Hello again

We got the point to point delivered.

The radio on location A is plugged to a switch port on the RV016

The radio on location B is plugged on WAN2 on the RV082, which gets an IP via DHCP of LAN_A

The router on location B, can ping and devices in 192.168.0.XX, but devices on Location B cannot ping anything on location A

The router on location A, cannot ping the router on location B, nor anything on that network.

We need devices on location B to be able to reach a server on location A under

Please advice, thanks