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Can an RV320 import my clear text .cfg files from RV180 & RV4000 routers?



We are looking to replace our aged/EOL RV180/RV4000 routers with a more contemporary model like the RV320. Our small library has pretty modest needs so this seems like a good choice.

The specific question I have been trying to get an answer for is whether I can import my clear text configuration files from these two routers into brand new RV320s.

I periodically 'back up' or export the configuration files via the web GUIs for the RV180/4000s and keep them safe. Nothing terribly exotic about our setup/config, but it sure would be nice to just import them into the new routers and be down for that much less time. As this is part of my 'disaster planning' and we intend to have a backup for each router, it would save considerable time over configuring the new routers manually.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give on this. Appreciate it !


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Re: Can an RV320 import my clear text .cfg files from RV180 & RV4000 routers?

Well, I received a definitive response and I thought I would share it here in case anyone else comes along with the same question.

" The RV320 will not allow to load any RV180 configuration file due to the fact different platforms are used and the different code base of the file system. The router configuration management is done only via the Web GUI. There is no easy way to migrate the configuration. While they are part of the same RV series, they run different code base. "

Disappointing, but there it is. I presume the same applies for the config from our crusty ol RV4000. Ah well.