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Cannot log into RV042

Hi.  I have a RV042 router (Ser#: NKS10462300, HW V3) running Firmware version v4.0.2.08-tm (Jan 14 2011 22:08:38) set up as a gateway.  Right after it boots I am able to long into its web interface but shortly after that if I try to log into it I go through a very log time out while the web page is waiting the router to respond and then eventually IE comes back and says it 'cannot display the web [age'.  Any help on this would be apriciated - Thanks, Stephen


Peter, did you get any resolution from Cisco?

Hi all,

I had the same problem (after some uptime, i can open the login-page, input my credentials, but do not get any further).

After some testing, I found out that it must be some kind of Memory-Problem:

The amount of time after a reboot, until this behaviour occurs, depends on the amount of alterts being logged.

If you disable logging of the firewall-rules, and clear the log every day, you will be running for quite a while, without this problem.

I have opened a supportcase with cisco, and they are aware of my findings.

If this will lead to an official solution, well.....

Cheers, sean


I have been using RV042 devices for 8+ years. I recently began to experience this login problem with one of 3 I have installed at a customer site (I currently have 17 in use around the country). I moved all vpn tunnels from the problem unit to a second unit on a different T1 circuit 2 weeks ago - no problems until today. Seems the problem is following the vpn connections. 2 of the 5 tunnels stopped working as well.

The third RV042 at this site has firmware v1.3.9 dated Apr. 24th 2007 - been working flawlessly for many years. Currently running 6 VPN tunnels.

The other 2 are using v4.0.3 & v4.2.1.

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