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Cannot Ping outside the network on RV016 router

Hi all,

I have an RV016 router being used here in the office and there is this software we use that pings first the server for reliability of connection. The problem is that the router does not allow to ping any website or server outside of the network. I read a forum that said to me that i should disable the "block WAN request" at the firewall of the router but still, it can't ping outside of the network. Is there any way that i can activate the ICMP (ping) so that the software we use can ping the server?

**any suggestions and comments are accepted.


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Cannot Ping outside the network on RV016 router

Hi Abel, it is correct, if you want the router to respond to ping, you need to disable the block wan request. If the router still does not respond it likely means you have another firewall connecting to the WAN of the rv016.

If you want to ping a server or whatever that ie behind the router, you will need to something to allow that server be exposed to the outside ping. Such as making a firewall rule, port forward, dmz, etc.

There shouldn't be any public visibility on your LAN, especially for ping, unless you configure the router to allow it.

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Cannot Ping outside the network on RV016 router


By disabling the WAN request will help you to ping the  outside network also  check your firewall rules is there any ACL  list which is blocking the ICMP echo, echo-reply on your inbound or outbound rules on your connected interfaces, if enabled you need to disable all those rules.




Cannot Ping outside the network on RV016 router

Hi Phani,

I already checked the ACL. i also tried creating one especially for ICMP only with no success. i'm actually considering to re-design the network by connecting the WIFI directly to the modem bypassing the router (WIFI connection is used for the software we're using since we're going to use it on laptop). do you have any suggestions?


Cannot Ping outside the network on RV016 router

Hi Tom,

I believe the only firewall that i have on my system is the one the RV016 has. Based on the software that we have to use, i really have no choice but to allow ping so that the software can establish connection. actually, i tried almost everything. i created acl, rechecked every rules. i don't want to disable the firewall but maybe i should try it.