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Cisco RV 320 Looses internet and need to restart every time to fix



I have a LAN Network with RV 320, with 50 PC's and some devices like storage drives, printers etc., The problem is the Router looses internet connectivity for most of the websites everyday at same time, some websites can be accessed like Facebook, Youtube. I have to restart the router every time this issue occurs. I had gone with the system logs, i cannot figure out what is causing this issue. It would be great if someone can help me deal with this problem.


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Will this be good for me,


I only have the plan to switch to pfsense, so unfortunately I have no practical experience with pfsense and I didn't do lot of researches for the right hardware. So I'm not in the position to give recommondations for the right hardware for you, sorry. :(

But even I had experiences, the right hardware solution depends on your requirements. 

In our company we have a regular internet connection and a slower, second one which is used as backup solution if the fast one breaks. So we need a Dual-WAN-Solution. I already asked in the forum which hardware can do that and they recommended me the SG-2440 or SG-4860.

I guess which one would fit for you, depends on the amount of vpn users and such stuff.

Sorry, that I cannot be more helpful.

Cheers, Jens

This sounds like a problem that might be fixed by using a different firmware version that will have a correctly working dns server in it.  I would try that first--finding a firmware that has all the features you need working correctly.

Otherwise, I don't think a rebooter will actually help as it sounds like the rebooter would be rebooting almost every hour.

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