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Cisco RV042 and Linksys RV042 problem

Hi there,

recently I have swapped VPN router in central location from Linksys RV042 (old, firmware: to Cisco RV042 (new, firmware: v4.2.2.08). And then problems began. From central location I have 6 site-to-site VPN tunnels, two to old Linksys Cisco RV042, three to new Cisco RV042, and one to some D-Link VPN router. Every week or sooner, VPN tunnels to two old Linksys RV042 tunnels drop. I can't manually to reconnect them, and in the log there is nothing. I tried to reboot the old Linksys RV042 and it didn't help. Only rebooting the Cisco RV042 in the central location solves the problem. But it happens and happens again and again. It looks like there is a problem between new Cisco RV042 and old Linksys RV042. Any advice?




Hi Omer,

Can you please check if the DPD and keepalive is enable on both site ? if it's enable can you share the configuration regading the VPN on both site and the topologie also

Best regards


Hi Mehdi, I am an IT pro, and I have deployed many of these devices, so I don't think there is a flaw in config. And YES, DPD is turned on and keepalive is enabled. I have attached the config screenshots, without part regarding the IPs, cause i cannot give you that. Just to know, both routers have static public IP addresses on their WAN interfaces...

I am very disappointed with CISCO on this issue...

Ismael Arroyo

Hi Omer,

Are both RV042 on FW If so have both of them been factory defaulted?

Oh Ismael...the other is Linksys RV042 so it can not be it is firmware:

Samir Darji

Why did you change the original rv042?  If there was no reason to, then put it back in place.  Upgrading like this on the SMB Cisco products introduces all sorts of issues like this.

The only other solution I would suggest would simply be to reboot the new Cisco every day.  A digital lamp timer or a rebooter can do this easily.

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OOO Samir, great answer....5 points...million dolar answer...congrats...I have upgraded my network...why did you buy a new car...? CAUSE I LIKE NEW CAR!!!....

Well, there's a saying in the IT world--if it isn't broken, leave it alone.  Upgrading just to have something "new" causes issues like this.  If reverting to the older router isn't an option, then you'll just have to reboot the new one every day.

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No, you are wrong in my opinion...besides the old Linksys have had is flaws too...suddenly freeze, slowing down internet connection...etc, just google it...the device of this name should not have issues like these...anyway I have put in place php script that I run every day (with cron job) from my montoring server to reboot the router...this is not a solution to this problem it is just a if somebody needs it, write to personal message...

Forgive me for my incorrect assumption--it's all I was able to deduce from such an emotional reply.

Looks like you've got the same solution I have in place to reboot everyday.  It's a workaround for sure, but you'll probably  realize like I did that it's not a bad fix until you upgrade the hardware to something else.  I'd be curious what your script is like so if you don't mind PM me with it.  I'll share my reboot script with you as well.

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Hi Omer. I have a similar issue, but not with the VPN tunnels dropping, where I need a persistently reboot my RV042 as the web login fails. I would much appreciate the php script. I am not sure how to send a private message.

Many thanks in advance.

Adrian Skeete

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