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Cisco RV082 timeout after every 30 minute

i purchases cisco rv 082. i set MTU vale at 1500.i use public IP for WAN and just using one WAN. please help me to adjust time out problem.



There could be a lot of things happening here.  With the issue occurring every 30 minutes I would look at your environment.  When your application times out are you able to ping out to the internet?  Do you have a packet capture of the issue when it happens?

Thank you,

Jason Nickle

thanks jason for your reply.

i ping my server but time out come in reply. so unable to get reply from server.

In detail am using cisco rv 082

1-with one ethernet cable in server 2003  where my oracle application with database stored.

2- 2nd ethernet in switch where computer atatch with router

i am using optic fiber (WAN Connection with static IP)


So just for clarification the server is on the local LAN with you?  If so when the server goes down can you ping the router?  If you are able to ping the router can you ping the internet when the server is not reachable?

Based on your topology you have the RV082 connected to a switch.  The switch has only your PC connected and the RV082 has only the switch and the server connected.  Is this correct?

How do you resolve the issue?  Do you need to power-cycle the RV to get the Server back up again?  What type of switch is on the network?  Do you have any redundant links between the server, switch or router?


Jason Nickle

well server is on internet.  and we conect throgh it via internet. and for internet we used static IP.we used cisco switch becuase more than one computer conected to router.

our toplogy is very simple

1)application and database on window server 2003

2)server conect with router and by using ethernet cable and i put in LAN Port number 1

3)than another cable i put in LAN port 2 in router (as RV082 have 8 LAn ports) and other end of cable in cisco switch where 12 computer plug in switch

I also forword few ports in router (80,8080 for http and 1521 for oracle and 3389 for remote access) as few clints of server application in diffrent cities. they use this application via port forwading.

its all about out network.

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