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Cisco RV110W Throughput Drops

I have a client that I installed a Cisco RV110w with FW on 8 May 2013.  This client has 3 laptops connected wirelessly, 1 desktop connected hard wired, 1 printer connected wirelessly, 1 printer connected hard wired, and 3 VoIP phones connected hard wired.  The business did not get up and running until 13 May with the previous configuration and on 17 May they started having issues with VoIP calls becoming choppy.  I did not know this until I received a call from them on 21 May at which time I went over and added QoS for ports 5060 - 5090 (They have RingCentral which uses 5060 inbound and 5090 outbound).  I could not resolve the issue so I replaced with another RV110w with FW and everything started to work correctly again.  I received another call on 29 May that the phones were acting up again.  One of our techs went onsite and completed speedtesting from one of their laptops and found that they were not receiving what they were supposed to be.  The tech then went to the wired desktop and received the same results.  Then the tech took his laptop and tested wirelessly and wired to the router and received the same results as their other devices.  As a last test, the tech connected their laptop directly to the internet connection, bypassing the router completely, and was able to get the full speed being offered.  We have since pulled the routers from the field.  I have both on my bench and we are currently testing and seeing the same issue with loss of bandwidth.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is Cisco aware of it and is there a fix that I can apply?




Dear Jerry,

Thank you for reaching Cisco Small Business Support Community.

This case seems to be similar to a previous discussion opened by Mark Anderson;

Besides the MTU size check you can also check on Status/Port Stadistics to check for errors and if the MTU size is not the problem or does not fix the problem I then suggest you to get in contact with the Small Business Support Center;

Please let me know if there is anything else I may assist you with.

Kind regards,

Jeffrey Rodriguez S. .:|:.:|:.
Cisco Customer Support Engineer

*Please rate the Post so other will know when an answer has been found.

Jeffrey Rodriguez S. .:|:.:|:. Cisco Customer Support Engineer *Please rate the Post so other will know when an answer has been found.
Samir Darji

Did the MTU size fix this problem?  Because this sounds EXACTLY like what happened with the rv042 v1/2 series when the capacitors start having issues.

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