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Cisco RV220W Intermittent AirPrint Issues

I have a client with a Cisco RV220W with intermittent AirPrint issues.

They have about 12 iPads that need to print via AirPrint throughout the day. The current printer is an HP LaserJet 400 color M451dn but we have tried other AiPrint compatible printers including an HP LaserJet P1606dn and multiple Brother printers.

The iPads will sometimes find the printer and sometimes not. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.

- Bonjour and UPnP are both enabled in Discovery Settings.
- WMM is enabled on the SSID.
- RV220W Firmware Version
- The iPads have latest iOS 7

This is driving me crazy. Any suggestions? Thanks.


I also have this problem. It effects printers, sonos, airplay etc. It seems like the router starts rejecting multicast packets. Cisco support told me it was a switch problem, my switch is a cisco sg100d-08. Anyway I have had this issue at least a hundred times now, its not the switches, I use the routers for smart homes.

Our solution has been to disable everything under Firewall> attack prevention   with the exception of stealth mode and flood on the WAN side.

If that doesn't solve it I disable bonjour discovery as well, it seems to just be a forwarder, it doesn't prohibit the traffic when turned off.

The issue is annoying enough that we no longer use the RV220w we have switched to the RV320, which so far doesn't have the multicast issue, but instead has other issues.

to make matters worse the cisco 8 port POE switches like to suddenly lock up and shoot garbage  packets across the network locking it up. so far the only fix is replacing the switch. We are very dissapointed in the new small business line up. We are recommending pakedge / fortinet routers to the people who are willing to spend the money. No issues with those at all.

But try the firewall thing I bet it will solve your issue.


Thanks for your suggestions. 

I've pretty much abandoned Cisco in favor of Ubiquity products now. Their EdgeRouter and UniFi AP kill the Cisco line and at a lower price. Check them out if you haven't already. Available on Amazon.