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Cisco RV220W - Turns on Isolation without being wanted?

A customer has a Cisco RV220W installed. It works properly for a period and then the device decides not to forward packets to devices on the wireless network that originate on the internal network. Connectivity to the WAN is not lost, but internal machines cannot connect to the wireless printers and internal machines cannot access a Windows share on another machine on the wireless network. When the problem occurs, Windows machine log browser errors and there are lots of elections for a browse master. Pings fail between wireless devices that had worked earlier.

I have upgraded the router to firmware Version, it was and the problem has happened again. The configuration of the device is pretty vanilla except that it is forwarding the SFTP port to an internal machine. A single SFTP file transfer happens each night to one of the machines on the wireless network. I don't know if the SFTP fails when the above error occurs.

The first reported failure was on August 8 2014 and the second on October 1 2014. The failures aren't often enough to be able to test, but they are too often to be acceptable. The customer has agreed that we will replace this unit, most likely with a non-Cisco product, if the failure happens again and we don't have a way to possibly fix the issue from Cisco. This device does have an Isolation option that would result in the symptoms we see, but the Isolation option has never been selected and if it was, a power cycle on the device wouldn't clear the problem.

Any ideas as to what we can do to fix the problem?

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