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Cisco RV345 ipv6 routing not working



I am having issues with IPv6 routing on my ##R345 router
Even though IPv6 is properly configured, the router doesn't forward packets. 



  • WAN1: IPv6 IP is up, default gw is set
  • LAN: IPv6 IP up, connection OK with the LAN hosts, VLAN24 untagged
  • Routing table: looks fine, the default IPv6 route configured on WAN1 is being shown.
  • Firmware version:

If I ping from the router, Internet IPv6 can be accessed via WAN1 as well as all hosts via LAN.


This looks like a bug in the firmware, similar to the 320 version


... maybe I'm missing something, so any help would be appreciated.

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Similar to IP4 bug with VLANs.

When created VLANs show correct routes.

When try access internet from LAN no connection. Need ping router first form LAN client and then connect to interent for few seconds.

If use one VLAN1 and static routes all work ok.

Im yesterday talk about this with cisco engineer. 

Thanks for the reply AIKor,


I have updated my initial post and mentioned that I am not using the standard VLAN1, e.g I'm using VLAN24, untagged - so maybe this is a configuration that makes IPv6 to break.



Yes. When use tagged VLANs somth wrong with routes. Also didnt work correct security features, part of ARP packets missed, etc...
Its global bug in last sw

I had more time to test today and below you will find the outcome:

1. As seen from previous replies, I've used VLAN 24 as untagged, so @AlKor 's suggestion that the tagged vlan traffic might cause the problem does not make sense.

2. I have removed VLAN 24 and used the default VLAN 1, but the routing problem still occurs for IPv6.

You need open case. Its other bug.
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