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Cisco SB RV110W has Dual Access(Russian PPPOE) or not?

Hello community.

My English is not good, but I need your help.

Not long ago I bought Cisco SB RV100W(firmware v. and have some problem with his maintenance.

When router connected in router mode, it does not define a local network on the Wan port.

In gateway mode router connected to the Web, but not defined local network.

So, I want to ask, this router has Dual Access(Russian PPPOE) or not ?

Maybe, newer firmware( have this opportunity ?

Thanks in advance for all possible answers to this question.

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Cisco SB RV110W has Dual Access(Russian PPPOE) or not?

Hi Alex,

Not sure that I understand the question.

But this router has only Single WAN interface.  If you want a dual WAN then RV016,  RV042, VR082 or SA500 should work for you.  Those models support dual WAN capabilities.

Russian PPPoE or any other country should not be matter as long as the model of the device is supported by country.  By model I mean SKU.  Basically, if you got it in Russia, that that device should work just fine and it seems it is.

Now, if you connecting this router to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) modem then this router should be in the gateway mode.  Router will separate WAN domain (Public IP) from LAN (private IP)

If you want Public IP(s) for your LAN devices, you can get a switch and put between ISP modem and router.  But be sure to get a Public Static IPs from your ISP.  This way your router will use one public IP and devices that connected to the switch can also have static IP(s)

Hope that helps.


Cisco SB Engineer

CCNA, CCNA Wireless