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Cisco WRVS4400N-AU V2 could not block Skype!


Dear All,

Browser: Internet explorer 8, Windows 7 32bit, Microsoft essential security antivirus.

Problem description:

1)       I try to block Skype with Cisco WRVS4400N-AU (Firmware and IPS version 1.42) but Skype still could connect.

            My connection: Internet-----------Cable Modem----------Cisco WRVS4400N-AU------------PCs

            I turn “ON” IPS function in CONFIGURATION, checked Skype to BLOCK in IM/P2P section. IPS database version 1.42 and firmware of WRVS4400N is Did I miss out something?

2)       With Internet Access Policy, if I set more than one Internet Policies than I will get “Page can not display”, basically no internet. If I disable Policies than the Internet will back to normal speed. Is there something that I missed?

3)       Can you please advise where can I check internal clock in Router? How do I know the clock in the router is correct time?

Thank you for your help. And you need more information please let me know.



Hi there,

WRVS4400N V2 has all the features that I need for my applications but it did not work, is this to do with firmware? Have you seen this problem before? Please help.

Hi Long,

In regards to setting the time, please navigate to the Setup, then Time section and set your time zone there.

In regards to IPS blocking Skype and secondary Internet Access policy, please contact the Small Business Support center at 1-866-606-1866 so that a case can be opened for you and logs gathered.



David L. Barrett, Jr.


I will contact Support.

Did you ever get this resolved? I have version firmware on this router, and Skype 5.1 fails to be blocked at all. One can log in and make calls fine - not particularly useful!



Anybody? I don't have a support contract, but happy to assist helping Cisco getting this thing running as advertised with log collections or whatever.



To all involved,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

This is a bug that has been acknowledged by Cisco. I cannot give an ETA as to an offical fix for the bug. If you are personally experiencing this issue, please call 1-866-606-1866 (US), 1 800 605 731 (AU), or 0 800 442 471 (NZ). We will open a case for you regarding this issue.

At this time, you can try blocking outbound access from the LAN (or specific chatty users in your LAN) to the public ip addresses in your ACLs, but the list of ip addresses Skype uses for it's login servers is long. You'll need to resolve,,, and there may be more, and from my experience each of those servers is associated with more than one public IP. You can try this workaround in the meantime.


-Lindsey Lewis


To anyone else following this thread or having the same issue, I received confirmation last week from a Cisco support engineer that by virtue of Skype having "changed three time since the release of the WRVS4400N" they "will not be able to fix this issue".

If anyone is looking to purchase this device specifically to block the use of Skype on their network, then this is obviously not the device to go for.



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