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Connecting two SRP527W's

So I'm trying to connect two SRP527W's.  I have 2 different sites, 2 SRP527W's, 2 ADSL connections.  I deally I would like to connect the 2 sites using an ethernet cable from the back of each SRP.  The reason why I wanbt to do this is that we are located in an area with poor ADSL infrastructure and bandwidth is an issue.  I don't want to share the ADSL connection at each site I just want one site to be able to access the network of the other as they need to access the server.

Below is my current setup:

Site 1.

SRP527W with ADSL connection


DHCP Server

D-Link unmanaged 24 port switch

15 Computers connected


Site 2.

SRP527W with ADSL connection


DHCP Server

7 computers connected

Cisco 10 port managed switch

Is it possible to configure port from the SRP @ Site 2 (not from the switch)  to connect with the server at site 2 without the DHCP interferring and trying to change IP addresses?

I'm quite new to networking so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Will, thank you for using our forum, my name is Johnnatan I am part of the Small business Support community. If I understand well you could set the IP address statically in order to avoid the IP address changes due the DHCP.

If not, please could explain us a little more about your issue?

I hope you find this answer useful

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Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.
Cisco Network Support Engineer.

“Please rate useful posts so other users can benefit from it” Greetings, Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda. Cisco Network Support Engineer.
Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee

Hi Will,

By default, the SRP issues DHCP address from upwards.  Choose anything from .2 to .99 to statically address your server.

Not sure about your requirement for connecting the two routers.  Are you suggesting that both devices are close enough (<100m) to connect them via Ethernet on the LAN side of the SRPs?  If so, sure you can do this a number of ways.  Here is just one:

Make sure that you are using different IP subnets on the two SRPs (ie change the default on at least one of them)

Create a new VLAN (5 for example) on both routers and assign this as the only VLAN for the ports you wish to connect together.

Statically assign an IP address from the same subnet to this VLAN on both routers: on one and on the other.

Create static routes on each SRP pointing to the remote LANs via the other SRP's 192.168.5.x address.

So you might have:

192.168.15.x <-> SRP A <- ..Ethernet cable.. -> SRP B <-> 192.168.20.x

At SRP A create route to via and at SRP B create a static route to via

Hope that makes sense.