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Default Routing on WRVS4400Nv2


Hi, I have the device configured in Router mode with 2 VLANs. I am able to communicate between the VLANs however my intention is to get VLAN 2 to talk to the internet and that is not working. A caveat is that I am not using the WAN port on this router at all.

The way I intend for this to work is that I have configured a default route on this device to point to a next hop IP in VLAN 1. Even though VLAN 1 is configured on this device the default gateway for this VLAN resides on another device upstream towards the internet connection. That upstream device is providing the DHCP etc for VLAN1. All devices in VLAN1 are able to get to the internet. Even the ones that reside behind this WRVS4400Nv2.

VLAN 2 is only configured on this device and the Default GW resides on this device. This WRVS is configured to be the DHCP server for this VLAN. Even though hosts in VLAN2 can communicate with devices in VLAN1 and vice-versa none of the hosts in VLAN2 are able to reach the internet. A simple ping gives the message "network unreachable from <IP of WRVS-VLAN2>. So it seems like the WRVS is not using the static default route.

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version V2.0.2.1. Below is a simple diagram of the setup

VLAN-1   |                                                  

               ------- WRVS4400( IF: LAN1 )--------( IF: LAN1 )Generic Router( IF: WAN )---------INTERNET 

VLAN-2   |                                               

Can someone please confirm if this device can actually function as a router or is it that router mode is only to disable NAT and it really does not look up its routing table to route pkts out another LAN interface.


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Tom Watts

The NAT device will require a static route for the subnet that it is not a member of. The gateway router does not know how to send the traffic back.

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Hi Thomas,

The route is already there pointing back to the WRVS. I have even tried using RIp but its not working. Thx

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