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DHCP not working on a particular vlan

Hi ! I have a new problem with my newly installed 881 router. Here is the historic that I put already through another post (but that post is solved).


I've replaced an 881-K9 router recently with the exact same model. The previous one was working fine until it died (no more power). So, when I installed the new one, I configured it exactly the same way as the old one. The only difference being the IOS software that is more recent on the newer one, of course. I've checked line by line and all is configured the same way as it was before.


FE0 is the lan of the SMB (all computers and printers are connected to this port from a Cisco 24 ports switch). FE1 isn't used (I use it when I need to go and plug my own laptop through this port). FE2 and FE3 have each a Cisco WAP321 attached directly to these ports. I've attached Config_debug.txt (contains the configuration lines with a few xxxxxxxx to hide important information but that should not prevent help from you guys).


I created 3 vlans (as it was one the old one). Vlan2 is attached to ports FE0 and FE1. That works fine. Vlan1 and Vlan3 are attached to FE2 and FE3 (which have the WAP321 connected to it) so that people connecting to my wi-fi guest network are on vlan1 and those that do have the wi-fi password are connected to vlan3.


So here is the problem : vlan1's DHCP isn't working. Anybody connecting through the wi-fi guest network (tagged as vlan1 on the WAP321) aren't able to connect because they don't get an ip address (actually they do connect but don't receive the ip address, so not able to navigate the Internet). If we connect to the wi-fi network with the password (tagged as vlan3 on WAP321), everything is fine.




Have you entered the IP-Helper-Address for every V-LAN?

So I guess the IP-Adress of the new router must be added in VLAN 1-Config