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Dropped calls in a Cisco hosted VoIP with RV082 & RV042

We have 4 locations running RV042 or RV082. We have an RV016 at the central site. Using a Cisco hosted VoIP system with Cisco 7940 and 7960 IP phones. One locations is having sporadic problems losing calls in one direction. The caller can hear the site person but the site person cannoth hear the caller. No other site has this issue. 3 of 4 sites have Comcast cable, including the problem location. All RV's have updated firmware, we have given priority to the voice traffic and the IP where the voice traffic comes from. I have compared all RV settings across all locations. I have compared the cable router settings at all locations. Still getting the dropped calls at only one location.

Each stie with Comcast cable has 1-2 computers, IP phones and printers. At the problem location, we started with an RV042. I swapped it for a spare RV082 we had and still have the same issue. We have not changed out the cable rotuer nor have I called Comcast. Internet access and VPN connectivity are working fine.

We put a pc out there with Wireshark and will capture pcackets based on destination and source IP and will then filter for UDP and TCP traffic for traffice to and from two specific IP addresses. Phones are running Skinny fo rcommuncations and RTP for audio. (per hosted VoIP vendor suggestions).

This problem location is a sales office so losing calls is now becoming a heated issue. Desperately looking for help. RV's are out of warranty and over 2 years old.

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