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[Feature Request] DSL line stats & manual IP settings for PPPoE/PPPoA

After having replaced a Funkwerk R232aw with a Cisco SRP547W I noticed that the software (we're on 1.2.4(003) from Jan 2012) on the Cisco device omits very basic functionality which is even availabe in the cheapest of consumer routers. Therefore I make this feature request in the hope that this may be read by someone from Cisco who could forward this to the development team for consideration for the next software update.

What's missing:

- There are only very basic DSL line stats available, and no DSL line uptime. Only if the URL is changed manually to https://[router ip]/dsldiag.asp then a hidden config page with full line stats including framing errors (unfortunately still without uptime!) becomes available. It is not described in the documentation how to find this page, and I only found out by coincidence. Full DSL line stats including error counter data and line uptime are crucial when diagnosing performance and reliability problems on the ADSL side, and really *NEED* to be available from the menue! Considering that the page already exists (albeit hidden), it shouldn't be too dificult for Cisco to include it into the menue structure and add line uptime information.

- PPPoE and PPPoA apparently are DHCP only. This is a major problem for someone with a static IP and a provider which doesn't do DHCP. It also prevents someone from avoiding using the DHCP-assigned provider DNS servers if the SRP should remain as DNS proxy. As with DSL line stats, being able to set the IP config manually for PPPoE and PPPoA is a very basic functionality that really should also be available in the SRP.

I am also aware that Cisco aims the SRP (Services Ready Platforms) Series at service providers which then give them to their customers preconfigured, and them the lack of the aforementioned functions may indeed be of no concern. However, fact is that the SRP is also sold as an individual product on the open market, to be used with any ISP. And in this environment this functionality is really important. Therefore it would be great if Cisco could include them into the next firmware release for the SRP500 series.

What else:

- Password Complexity Settings: doesn't say what is meant by "complexity" (even if disabled short passwords are not allowed). When clicking on "help" to find out, I get the Troubleshooting FAQ telling me what to do if WiFi doesn't work or there is no dial tone. The help should be fixed to point to the right page, and maybe a small line explaining what is meant by complexity could be added.

- Log Viewer: would be nice if downloaded logs would come with the .txt ending

That's all ;-)


Re: [Feature Request] DSL line stats & manual IP settings for PP

Hello Ben, thanks for the well written post.

To make a formal feature request, we will need to create a service request (case number). I will be happy to do this for you. If you could please gather documentation for me and make a zip package which contains-

  • Firmware version
  • When is the last time the unit has been factory reset
  • Router config file
  • Basic topology
  • Who is your ISP
  • What service you're using (what kind of dsl)
  • Summary of problem description
  • Screen shot of where you'd like to see the feature implemented
  • Relevant contact info including name, business, telephone, email address
  • Any additional information you feel helpful to make your point

Please send me an email with your Cisco ID and device serial number with this packaged. I will then create a service request and submit for review. My email is

In the mean time, here is a great post

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

[Feature Request] DSL line stats & manual IP settings for PPPoE/

Hi Tom,

I'll do that. Thanks for the quick reply!