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Happy anniversary, dear orphaned RV220W

Dear RV220W,

Your parents wanted you to be the Prom Queen and today March 9th, 2012 it is one year ago you got a new fancy Prom dress.

Well, there were some holes in it and some stains, too, but you were promised a new one, soon.

However, keeping promises are difficult and you had to wait nearly half a year to get it.

Or actually you just got another one full of holes and stains, because your parents employed a cheap tailor.

Then in November a woolen scarf was thrown at you to keep you just a little warm during the winter.

For Christmas you got no presents and had to stand in the cold outside watching through the windows how your parents and elderly brothers were partying.

And out there you are still cold and waiting for a new dress without any holes and stains, if ever it arrives.

All the best, and be careful next time selecting your parents.

Your caring neighbour

RV220W Firmware Version   9-MAR-2011

RV220W Firmware Version  18-NOV-2011

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