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having 2 WAN connections on a single Linksys RV082 router plus VPN

I was wondering that how can I share two internet connections on a single Linksys RV082 Router?
This particular router has VPN support on it. Our law firm in Toronto has one primary (main) connection through Bell, while they have
a secondary Allstream connection. That Allstream connection however, remains unused.

They would like to have two internet connections running at the same time or designating one connection as their primary connection, while making their Allstream connection as their "backup" should that Bell connection fails.

Their current networking setup has a Cisco PIX 501E appliance and they utilize a VPN client called "Winsol remote access" so they can access resources
from outside of the office. They were experiencing some unannounced disconnections whenever they leave the client unattended for
any given time.

As for the Bell Internet Conection, it is run through the Cisco 800 series router. It's maintained by the phone company and
our law firm cannot modify any settings on that router. That router (the 800 series router) however is linked to the Cisco PIX
501 appliance (that they had recently put on), from the networking setup that I had reviewed on the document that they had gave to me.

As I stated earlier, whenever they use their Winsol VPN client, it cuts the connection short 1 hour after the initial connection has been established and whenever co-workers left the connection unattended in any given time.

I've gathered some research about the Linksys RV082 router and it has some VPN capabilities on it. I also know that there is a VPN client that comes
with it, but our law firm utilizes the Cisco VPN Any connect software for their activities outside of the workplace. Does this particular type of router support this type of VPN client software or do I need to have a specific piece of software that works with the router? Any suggestions?

If preferred, I can post some diagrams if you like.


update: Here are my diagrams for you to see - just to get an idea. Sorry about the delay you are suffering for those big files...