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How do I whitelist outbound traffic to URL and specific ports?

I have a client with a Cisco RV320 that is installing new Credit card terminals and the vendor has requested that I whitelist outbound traffic to and allow ports 6660 and 6661. I looked at the access rules in the RV320 and I could not find way to configure this.

Cisco Employee

Re: How do I whitelist outbound traffic to URL and specific ports?


Hope you are doing well!

My name is Anton and I am part of the Cisco SMB Support Team.

Please be informed that Access Rules are filtering traffic in RV320 are based on Source IP address and interface and Destination IP address. Ports and Protocols are selected in the Service field of the Access Rules.

When you open the Access Rules window  you can navigate to Service Management window by clicking the Service Management button under the Access Rules Table.

In the this window you can add a new Service entry specifying the port numbers and protocol types. Note that you will have to create different entry for TCP and UDP.

After creating these entries you can choose them in the Service field of the new Access Rules you want to create.


Kind Regards!

Anton Gekov
Technical Consulting Engineer – Level 1
Global CX Centers – Small Business Support