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How do you get a license for a RV340?

My RV340 is running in evaluation mode with 58 days left.  In the web interface I am told that I need to get a Cisco Smart account to get a license and to register my device.  To get a smart account I need to supply an account domain identifier.  I have no domain, my email address is  I submitted the request and the web page told me that I would get a call in a few days.


I submitted the request a week ago and have heard nothing.  I see that my request, and a lot of others, are "Pending Domain Approval".


So how do I get a license?

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best alternative option is call SME support license team to help you.


they are quick and act fast to resolve your issue.


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Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

First of all, no worries. The RV340 will continue to work perfectly fine after evaluation expires or an active  security license will expire.

The evaluation period is only valid for the optional security license. We will fix the wording.

Yo can turn the license off now and see that the router will work just fine without it.

The optional license is for additional security features: Websecurity, IPS, AntiVirus, AppID. These would stop working and if you want to continue to use those ( which I recommend ;-) 

Check here:


Let me find out what the best process is to register on cisco's website. Please contact like @balaji.bandi was saying



The license you can buy from a Cisco reseller. Online for example

You can register to a Cisco Smart Account with a generic domain like as well.


Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

Here is the process on how to create a smart account if you use a shared domain which is not owned by you.

I.e.,, etc.


Unfortunately there is a security check to verify that you are a real person when you register.




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