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How to change LAN IP range on rv345

I am trying to make the lan side of the router use a 10.x.x.x network instead of the 192.168.x.x that it uses by default.  I have the ATT gateway running to the wan port.  I want the rest of the network on the other side of router using the router for ip addresses on the 10.x.x.x network.

How would I make this change?

Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

Please make sure you use the latest firmware ( screenshot below is from that firmware.

Go to VLAN settings, click on VLAN1, click on the edit icon and a pop up will appear.

Change in the pop up the IP address settings.


Reconnect your PC to the router as the Ip address has changed.

Save your settings


It looks like browser cookies must be cleaned before trying to reconnect to the new IP address.
My steps:
1. Change VLAN1 IP address
2. Apply
3. Do not reboot a router
4. Clean browser cookies
5. Connect to the new IP address
6. Save running configuration to the startup configuration
7. Reboot a router to test a new configuration

this issue is fixed in latest firmware.  Clearing browser cache would not have fixed in earlier version of firmware - editing the configuration file was only solution.

Again, just upgrading to the latest firmware does *not* fix this issue.


You also have to either

a) download the config xml and add management to vlan1 manually, then upload it


b) reset to factory defaults while or after applying the new firmware.




The thing is you loose the ability to reach management when you klick "apply" in your step 2.


You can clean your browser cookies all you want, but I'm curious to how that is going to change your router's vlan configuration.




The thing is that your instructions do not work, unless you factory reset the router while or after upgrading the firmware.


I tested this with a brand new router.

The first thing I did was upgrade the firmware.


The check box for vlan1 to enable management is *not checked* but grayed out.

The effect of this is that whatever operation you perform in the vlan settings page will kick you out of management, and not let you in until you restart the device (so it starts up with the last saved config) or factory reset it (to get the default config for the

new firmware)


The export -> edit -> import trick + reset to factory defaults from my previous post lets you bring your old config back without reintroducing the problem




I was about to give up on this thing (RV340) like many of us, but in reality it eventually worked for me with RV34X-v1.0.03.15-2019-04-05-02-25-51-AM

It looks like I have missed some steps in my instructions.

Yes, after you click on 'Apply' button you will be kicked out of management, but it proves that the IP address was changed and this is a good sign (when you know that it is going to work eventually  ;-) )

I am talking here about Windows.

It depends on what IP settings you have used on your computer, dynamic or static. I have used static IP address.

You can disconnect a network cable from the router:

1. Close your browser

2. Clean a browser cache.

3. Change the local IP address (if you use a static one)

4. If you use a dynamic IP, just an extra step that I would do: ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /release

5. Clear local arp cache:

option 1: arp -d *

option 2:  netsh interface ip delete arpcache

6. Reboot you PC

7.Connect a network cable to the router

8. If you use a dynamic IP, do ipconfig /renew (just an extra step)



Yes, it will change the IP, and the router will function as it should.


Just make sure this is the last step you do, as you will not be able to get back into the management interface until you reset the router, because your new vlan config will set management on vlan1 to disabled.




Has my post been deleted? That is weird. I do not think that it was offensive in any way. Any reason? I am not here to collect any points ( I do not care of those titles) just wanted to share my experience. 

I do not think your posts have been deleted. Click on your user name in one of your comments and all your posts should be listed. Unfortunately I think the Lithium blog platform Cisco uses is not the most user friendly platform to show all posts in a thread or a hierarchy.