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How to Completely Turn Off Wireless Network of RV220W??

Hi, I am using the RV220W with the latest firmware, I disabled all the four APs and also disabled the Radio, but the "Wireless" green light on the front panel still ON, why? How can I completely turn off the wireless?

Quoted from manual:

WIRELESS—The Wireless light is green when the wireless module is enabled. The light is off when the wireless module is disabled.

Moreover I tried to disable the "Radio" while enabled one AP, I found that I can still connect to that AP, so what is the Radio's Enable/Disable used for??




Please help. Is it a bug??


Yeah it is kinda bugged, as you have to disable each wireless network first, then disable the radio.

Developers really need to make it that if you 'Disable the Radio' it actually goes and disables the radio chip, stupid really....

So the "Radio" setting is completely NOT working?  I disabled the "Radio" while enabled one AP and I can still connect to that AP...

Another bug: Even I disabled all the four APs and the "Radio", but the "Wireless" green light on the front panel is still ON...

How come Cisco can release such a buggy firmware?  Even cheap routers can do this better.

Yeah my wireless light is still on. So obviously the 'Turn Radio Off' setting does not work.

And yeah, the old Billion I upgraded from did a better job in plenty of places, just no VPN features, hence the upgrade (or possible downgrade lol)

There are a number of issues with the RV220W which should have been resolved by now but I guess we shall just have to wait.

I wish cisco would list the known issues they have via a bug list of some sorts.

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Regards Simon

I've looked at the list but are these totally confirmed by Cisco since this is an unofficial site. Also there are no instructions on each bug of how to replicate the issue.  without replication, bugs are near impossible to fix.

Now if Cisco would list the bugs themselves, that would have to be a better idea.

Known issues are listed in the Release Notes of the new firmware

btw there is only 21 issues listed in the release notes. Buglist shows 15 more.

Regards Simon

Cisco has been rather uncooperative in investigating the observed bugs to have them documented.

This tells more about Cisco than about the list !

Wow that's just sad on Cisco's behalf...

Joergen Thomson, I can see that you have the same thoughts like I do, I wish they could release a software that is stable and better then this.

I dont have the energi or time to report all flaus back to cisco, this product have taking to much of my time and frustration already. Thank you so much for all the time you spend to try get this product stable and hopefully a good product.

I have a costumer that have a webservice that is IP restricted, For now I have to define more then 93 policys openening for the same service because this doesnt handle address list and groups. And all the times I had to set it back to factory default becasue of HTTP Admin server stopped, VPN Problem, Firmware Upgrades, "Packet Loss" and so on takes alot of time becasue I need to reconfig policies back.

For now to they release a firmware is stable I have take this piece off the network and put the back a old Fortinet 60 box.

Joergen Thomsen

Added to the buglist in

Clicking Radio Disable in the Wireless -> Basic Settings page does not turn off the wireless radio.

I have confirmed this.

Another bug is even you disabled everything, the Wireless light on front panel is still ON.

Well, the LED staying on is probably a consequence of the radio not being turned off and not a separate bug.

But I already disabled all the Access Points, how come the Radio still ON??