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How to set up QuickVPN to RVS4000 with Windows 7 (64 bit)


I have a home network with an Actiontec Q1000 providing me 20 meg down and 5 meg up speeds.  The DSL modem supports DHCP, DMZ, port forwarding, application forwarding, filtering, etc.  I have an existing network 192.168.0.x that uses a combination of DHCP and static IP addresses for printers, scanners, and servers.

I just purchased a RVS4000 and configured its LAN port to accept a DHCP address.  It received the .26 address.  I set up application and port forwarding so all VPN traffic goes to this address.  I also put the router in the DMZ and turned off all firewalls.

On the LAN side of the RVS4000 I use the 192.168.1.x address and have the 4000 provide DHCP addresses.  I have a PC connected to the LAN port and it has the address of 1.100.  I am able to use TeamViewer to connect to this through the internet and I can also access the devices on the Actiontec network from the PC connected to the 4000.

I set up the VPN as best I could while going through appendix B of the admin guide.  When I am at a remote location and use the QuickVPN client to access the 4000 I get the message, "The remote gateway is not responding.  Do you want to wait?'.  When I look at the log everything looks good except I get the following error:

2011/09/14 13:06:54 [WARNING]Failed to ping remote VPN Router!

I am unable to get a DHCP address for my remote PC and am unable to ping any device on either network.  What do I have configured wrong that this is not working?

I only purchased this so I can use the VPN.  Is the VPN established on the Actiontec LAN or on the RVS4000 LAN side?  I am obviously connecting to the 4000 but am just not getting an address so I can not use my home office network for all my communications.


Thank you!


How to set up QuickVPN to RVS4000 with Windows 7 (64 bit)

Hi Joe,

You appear to have a very unique setup for the RVS4000 and Quick VPN. Since you are getting passed the authentication and intial connection I would say there is not a problem with traffic to the router. Often times when you get the message 'remote gateway has failed to respond' it is due to a firewall or anit-virus on the computer.

During the 'Verifying network' phas of the connection, ping messages are sent over the tunnel to test and verify that the tunnel is indeed up and working. If for any reason these pings do not make the full round trip, you will see that error.

I suggest following the post at the bottom of this thread as it contains some very helpful tips