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IPSec Site-2-site between RV220W and C2821 doesn't come up


Having set up site-2-site IPSec-connections between IOS based routers for years I've now entered new terrains trying to set up an IPSec site-2-site-tunnel between a RV220W (Release and a C1821 Router running IOS 12.4.(3b).

For the setup: The remote-site sitting "behind" the RV220W runs a subnet out of our network and the IPSec tunnel should be used to connect this subnet to our main site in a secure way. So there's absolutely no NAT involved here, just plain vanilla routing.

On the RV220W-side I've set routing mode as "Router". I've also set up the respective IPSec-parameters the same on both ends of the connection. Since it's easier to upload as a file I've attached the config of the central router as "vpn-config-central-site.txt".

Here's my problem:

The IPSec tunnel is triggered once an outbound packets hits the RV220W-router on the remote site, stops however after some seconds.

In the log on the remote router I see several log entries. What puzzles me though is the line that says

"NAT not detected ..." (see attached file "log-remote-site.txt")

Similar things occur in the debug-log on the central router - negotiation of parameters seems to run up the the point when it reaches IKE_R_MM4 and then dies for no apparent reason (see attached file "log-central-site.txt").

Any ideas what's wrong here?

Thanks alot for any hints for getting this connection going!