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IPv6 tunneling with 6to4

Hello everybody.

I have several RV082 routers in production, most of them on IPv4-only access. I want to roll out IPv6 on all these networks and have set up a test environment for this.

I did start with a factory-defaulted router with a fixed public IPv4 address. IPv4 network access does work as expected.

With the 6to4 option disabled, the RV082's IPv6 routing table contains several entries for local addresses, but not public ones, as expected. When enabling the 6to4 transition function as described in SBKB article #567, three new entries are created:

2002:c3b0:7e::/48 -> next hop is "*"

2002::/16 -> next hop is "*"

default -> next hop is ::c058:6301

With the router's diagnostic ping function I can ping the next 6to4 relay on IPv4 ( and IPv6 (2002:c058:6301::). But I cannot ping that next hop address given as default route (::c058:6301). This seems wrong to me.

The RV does advertise routes with the correct 6to4 prefix on the LAN side, and the clients connected to it configure themselves with appropriate addresses. However I was unable to ping any IPv6 both in the 2002::/16 as well as in the 2000::/15 range from any system on the RV's LAN side. When trying to add a static route which routes the 2000:: prefix with prefix length 15 to next hop 2002:c058:6301:: with metric 1, I keep getting the message "Please input IPv6 Address with correct format!"

So the questions are: could there something wrong with this default route? How can it be changed? And what is the problem with the route I am trying to add?


Strangely, when I have native IPv6 access on the WAN side, everything works as expected. But not with the 6to4 "transition mode". Any thoughts?