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Is there anything wrong for my router or anything wrong for these firewall rules?




Hi all,

I’m wondering whether my RV120w has something wrong. Because I can access many websites even after I add the following firewall rules:

Always block,  (services) any, (status) enabled, outbound, (Src ip) any, (des ip) any.

Always block,  (services) HTTP, (status) enabled, outbound, (Src ip) any, (des ip) any.

Always block,  (services) HTTPS, (status) enabled, outbound, (Src ip) any, (des ip) any.

I also set default outbound policy to ‘Block’.


I clicked the button “Save”, and I even rebooted my RV120w. But I still can access many webpages such as,


Is there something wrong with my firewall rules? Or, is something wrong with my router?


The screenshot is attached.



Thanks for your reply.

I read it through, but I still can’t figure it out how to block some services such as http/https.

could you give me an example?


It's rather critical how the rules are *ordered* in the list of Access Rules.  The first rule applies before the 2nd rule, etc.  So, if the block rules you listed fall below a rule that allows the same traffic, the later rules do nothing.

Thanks for your reply.

I keep the first rule, and delete others. I mean I want to make a test to block all outbound traffic. But I still can access http/https web sites. It seems that the rule does not take effect.

Here is my screenshot.

Could you give an example on how to set the rules to block http/https?


Check your ACL configuration. It seems that you had applied ACL on LAN interface in "OUTBOUND" direction. You have to apply this on WAN interface in "OUTBOUND" direction or on LAN interface as "INBOUND" direction. (If you applied on LAN in INBOUND direction then you may be lost the device access so recommended to apply on WAN as OUTBOUND direction).

Deepak Kumar,
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