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ISR Evaluation License update to Permanent License

Hi, all

    Our company has an ISR 2901 acted as the branch gateway. And we had purchased the SEC license to authorize the use of IPsec VPN connected to our headquarters.

    For some reason, when we built the network, the license we used was the Evaluation version, and recently, it had expired but keeps working.

    Now we are planning activating the SEC license(permanent version) on this device, we have something to concern about:

        ①AFAIK, the evaluation license will not work after a reload when it expires. And when we install a new license on the device, we need to reload it to activate the specific features.

but in this case, we are doing something more likely an upgrading job, do we still need to reload the device after doing copy and install job(for the permanent license)?

        ②If we don't reload the device in case that the device needs to reload to make the permanent license work, will the features get lost after install the permanent license?

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