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Issue Connecting multiple users on WRV-210 Simultaneously

Hey there - I am using the WRV-210 VPN to connect two computers at the same location to another locations network. I am able to establish successful tunnels on both clients - but not at the same time (using QuickVPN client btw) When one is connected the other gives a gateway is not responding error (and vice versa). I have poured over forum posts for hours and tried many fixes but to no use, does anyone have an idea what could cause this?

Possibly useful info:

One system is running Vista the other XP

The client router IS running on a seperate subnet

When I read the log I am getting failed IKE pings before the gateway failed to respond error triggers

I am using seperate Users to connect - both users work seperatly

Again I can get one, or the other system working fine but not both at the same time. Thanks!



Hi Keith,

Is there any way you can provide a sample network diagram to clarify?

As I read it, 2 PC's in the same subnet behind a router cannot simulaniously connect via Quick VPN to a WRV210.  Is that correct?

One thing I would suggest trying is instead of leaving the port to Auto when you launch Quick VPN, try setting one to 443 and the other to 60443.



David L. Barrett, Jr.

Thanks for the reply - yes 2 PCs in same subnet behind a router.

I did try playing with combinations of 443 and 60443 but did not achieve any success. Things I have tried is opening up all ports I could find related to VPN connections on the router and windows firewall (which seems redundant considering I can get one open connection) - I disabled windows firewall and re-enable on each system - I orignally was using a simple dlink router but upgraded to the TP-Link which is far more robust for networking options hoping that would change something . . .

Is there any settings on the WRV-210 that might affect multiple incoming connections?

Attached is a diagram of the network its quite simple.

Hi Keith,

Are there any NAT settings on the TP-Link device?  The only conclusion I can come to is something is not being NAT'd correctly and it's seeing the same IP address and thus not allowing the connection through.

As a last resort, can you test changing the network segment on the WRV210?  Say a 10.x.x.x network?



David L. Barrett, Jr.