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Need help: RV042G can't forward SSL port 443

Recently setting up a RV042G for my SOHO. Everything seems to be fine except for SSL port forwarding. Really running out of idea and will need some help.

I know the router's external static IP is reachable because I test it out with remote management functionality from an external IP. Port forwarding also works correctly because I have other behind the router servers in both UDP and TCP working flawlessly. PPTP VPN also works corrrectly.

What I can't get it to run is an Apache server. Looks to me RV042G kind of drop all SSL or HTTP ports from the WAN side.


- 4 port forward rule under "Setup/forwarding" for 80/8080/443 and 8443 all to the webserver with a static IP.

- Firewall page I have Firewall, SPI, DoS enabled.

- Added a firewall rules to allow all HTTP and  HTTPS traffic from WAN1 to the webserver static IP.

- Toggle Block WAN Request, HTTPS and multicast does not affect the result.

- Toggle and mapping the remote management port to other port beside 443  does not affect the result.

The same setup will works corretly under my old Netgear FVS router. Am I missing something in RV042G setup?

HELP please.


Try using 60443 for remote management. And see if 443 then gets forwarded correctly

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already try that b4 .. no luck.

I can reach the rv042 web UI from external IP when I set the port to 443 or 60443. So I know nothing is being block by my ISP.

I also try setup a logging firewall rule to track 443 traffic from WAN to my webserver IP,  but the rule never trigger (no log). So it appear the router drop the connection completely even b4 it reach the firewall stage..


I finally gave up and move the webserver under DMZ, everything now works. After that someone refer me to a potential fix posted in another forum (I am not the only one having this issue).  Apperently if you repeating factory reset on the router 3-4 times the problem will be fix. Afterward you will need to re-config the router and you CAN NOT restore from a backup.  I have not try this myself, therefore I can't verify whether it work or not. I have a somewhat complex network setting and really not interested in reconfig everything again.

I know this kind of router is low profit margin item, even so Cisco need to put more quality effort into it.