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New to CISCO RV340. Recommended Uncencrypted PAP for L2TP/IPsec on Windows Built In.

Hello. I'm quite new to this CISCO box. I had the IPsec setup with a Mac but was having trouble with the Windows 10 built in client. Finally got some really helpful technicians from CISCO who connected to my router and sorted out the issues. While doing so, I noticed that the recommendation was to change the Security setting under the VPN properties. The setting was to Allow these protocols and only check Unencrypted password (PAP). Is this something I should be concerned about?

I was told this is a limitation of the Cisco RV340, because of the lack of a Radius server, Unencrypted PAP was required for it to work. Only if I had a RADIUS server or some sort of Active Directory connected could I use something like Microsoft CHAP. However, I believe that other VPN routers use higher level encryptions than this. Please advise as I hope to put this into production for a small dental office. I would really appreciate feedback from insightful community members. Thank you in advance. The other router I was looking at was a TPLINK ER6120.


@Jarvar wrote:

Finally got some really helpful technicians from CISCO who connected to my router and sorted out the issues.

What was your final configuration that worked? I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get L2TP/Ipsec to work with Windows VPN.


I ran into this issue too.... PAP seems to be the only way to create an L2TP ipsec VPN on that serie of router (RV34X).


I'm studying for my CCNA. They (cisco) really put the emphasis on the fact that PAP sent password in clear text...

There must be a way to get CHAP...


It is desapointing.

I read somewhere that it is possible to use CHAP only if a Radius server is setup for authentication....I have a functional Radius server in my setup. I'm using it with my wireless AP (Netgear R7800) and it works well. Is there any instruction on how to setup Radius on a Cisco RV34x serie router for authentification of an remote user using L2TP IPSec VPN?

Cisco! Any update on that bug (CSCvq22281)? People want to use CHAP not PAP, The documentation about the product (RV345) say that CHAP is possible....


Can you offer a workaround?

Is there a firmware out soon that will fix that?