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Open NAT with RV325

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if Open NAT is possible with the RV325 as it seems that it's using NAT Type 2.  I can't seem to find anything in the settings that allow for changing it, and enabling UPNP only seems to make matters worse (I've updated to the latest firmware).  I've managed to work around some of the issues I've been having using port triggering but it's not a perfect solution by any means. DMZ works to but again, not great because I have to switch IP's all the time.  Perhaps this will teach me for trying using a business class router at home but I wanted the rack mount (among other features) and my long in the tooth RV082 that I replaced with this RV325 worked fine for my standard gaming and streaming applications hehe... 

Thanks in advance!


Hello mdeisler1,

Thank you for using the Cisco Small Business forums. My name is Cristian, I am an eContent developer and I am part of the Small Business Support Community.I found some articles that may be of some assistance:

I hope you will find this answer useful, and I hope you reply back with any questions or concerns.

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Crisitan Gonzalez

Cisco eContent Developer


Hi Crisitan,

Thank you for getting back to me.  Unfortunately neither of those articles apply to my circumstances.  Essentially the issue is the strict NAT that's being used and the fact that it appears that the UPNP feature in the firewall just doesn't work correctly.  In theory, (from what I've read) enabling UPNP should put me closer to an Open NAT state if not completely Open.  However, as I mentioned it actually seems to make things worse where I literally can't connect to game servers at all.  I'll mess with it some more, but so far it seems buggy at best.  So for now my only work around is port triggering but that has limitations as well, for instance it doesn't seem to work well with more than one console online.




Ok so I've been messing with this more.  After doing a factory reset, then re-configuring the router, UPNP is working "better".  For gaming, its good now, I've been able to remove my port triggering rules and everything is functioning well in Open NAT mode. That said, still having some issues with Streaming content, specifically with Plex.  I've had to work around the issue with manual rules so it's working now too.  That said it clearly shows that the UPNP functionality has bugs that need to be worked out.  Anyway I'm good for now.


Hello Cristian,

I have one question about RV325 router, maybe you can help me.

I need to make a NAT from one ip local range to another range when i connect on a  VPN gateway to gateway.

Can the router do this?. One-to-One Nat it's not valid for this.

Thanks in advance and regards,