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Pass through pptp on RV110W

I have a pptp server on my network and am trying to configure my new RV110W so that I can tunnel through to it from outside. 

I believe I must do port forwarding for TCP on port 1723 to get those packets going to my PPTP server

PPTP also uses GRE and I don't see that as an option anyware in port forwarding...

Does that just work... as a matter of the VPN pass through checkbox being enabled ?

I have to wait until after hours to actually test this so I am trying to get some help up front.  

My netgear router would lock up every few days but it under the firewall configuration it had list of services that included PPTP and I just selected that, entered the IP addresses on the outside that I would accept, and the IP address on the inside that the PPTP clients would connect to, and it worked....

I'm thinking it is harder on this device because this device supports actually logging into it..  I am interested in learning more about that technique especially if it is more secure but the way I see it the firewall device can see all of my network and the pptp server I am using is on a file server and limited to those files shared on that server.

Any help appreciated, thank you!

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Pass through pptp on RV110W

With Cisco Small Business routers such as RV110W, GRE will be automatically forwarded to the LAN IP, to which TCP port 1723 is forwarded.


Pass through pptp on RV110W

Thank you very much, that appears to work!

So I have accomplished my goal with portforwarding working on 1723. 

Since the Port Forwarding configuration screens don't give me settings for where external traffic comes from, I'm wondering how I can tighten this up and looking at services and access rules.

It appears I could allow pptp to pass through from specific machines by adding a new Service called PPTP setting that to TCP - 1723.  Then, say I have two external machines that I want to permit, adding two new Access Rules

- Inbound (Wan->Lan)

- Service PPTP

- Source IP = First Allowed external computer IP

- Always allow

- Destination IP = internal address of my pptp server

Doing the same thing for the second machine.

Should this accomplish the same thing as port forwarding, but more securely as it would limit the forwarding of the port to requests from the two allowed machines on the outside?

Thank you again,


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Re: Pass through pptp on RV110W

You probably need to add a deny all rule first (to prevent other IP from accessing this PPTP service), and then add the 2 allow rules you mentioned.