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Policy route on SRP527W-U


I have a pair of SRP527W-U units, which each connect to a seperate ISP by ADSL2+

I am attempting to use each simulatenously as follows:

ISP-A via CiscoA for general traffic, and to run HTTP server X

ISP-B via CiscoB to run HTTP server Y

HTTP servers X and Y are on one machine, but binding to two seperate IP addresses eg x.x.x.3 and x.x.x.4

In a situation like this, I would normally configure CiscoA and CiscoB with x.x.x.1 and x.x.x.2 respectively

CiscoA would run DMZ to x.x.x.3 and CiscoB DMZ to x.x.x.4

The server would use x.x.x.1 as the default route.

Then I would set CiscoA to have a policy route catching source address x.x.x.4 and sending it to next-hop/gateway x.x.x.2

BUT, the policy route feature requires traffic be sent out the WAN port or a tunnel (no next hop, only WAN side VLANs, tunnels or interfaces).

Configuring a GRE tunnel connecting the two routers is fruitless, and the tunnels refuse to be created on the LAN side (tunneling is only possible out the WAN).

Attempting to simulatenously use the 4th LAN/WAN port in WAN mode also fails, as the WAN port is only available when the ADSL port is not.

Under Win2000 and Linux it was possible to configure two seperate network cards and use seperate subnets, each with a default route. This feature no longer works with more recent versions of Windows.

Any ideas on how I might get this working, without buying a 887? I am open to buying a 547.

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Policy route on SRP527W-U

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