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Port Forwarding and Cisco RVS4000

Good Morning, Yes I know its Sunday, have been trying with this issue for the last month and came to the Community for much needed help or a little guidance if possible.

Previous Scenario:

ZHONE 6218-I2 aDSL Router with dynamic ip from Telecom Provider - 111.222.333.444 and Internal LAN on aDSL Router - 192.168.2.x

Port Forwarding rules enabled to allow both telnet 23 and ssh 22 to port forward (Internal network)

I was able to telnet and this worked well. But the network was open so I decided to purchase the following CISCO router - RVS4000 and a block of two static ip addresses.

So now I have the following scenario:

ZHONE 6218-I2 aDSL Router with static ip from Telecom Provider - 111.222.333.145

Cisco RVS4000 WAN static ip 111.222.333.146

Cisco RVS4000 LAN Internal ip

Internet works well, but I am trying to get to the same server above through telnet using port 23. So I did the following:

Since the aDSL Router no longer is using NAT and is using the static ip addresses i enabled two single port forwarding rules one for ssh and the other for telnet to the server address on the CISCO RVS4000 which forwards to I also created two ACL rules to allow both incoming and outgoing traffic on ports 22 and 23.

Current Situation

This has yet to work (unable to telnet to the server once the RVS400 is on the network) and I am wondering is it that the router does not support this setup or I am doing something very wrong.

Hope I was clear some one please help. Attached is a small networking diagram.