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private user of RV345P needs what licenses?


i am lost know.. my router RV345P will arrive soon and I am failing to understand what and how I should organize my licenses..

the baseline: 

I am a private user and I need 10 VPN licenses (Client/Server) for my people.

I read loads of smart account which is not possible for private users as domain is asked and I read lots of minimum amount of licenses for Client which is 25 (also for server'?=?).

so please... lets get concrete... what exactly do I have to buy, which licenses, ID , how many,... where and how do I solve my smart license problem ??




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Re: private user of RV345P needs what licenses?

Each RV345 comes with two free AnyConnect Server licenses, but  you still need to have the AnyConnect software and client licenses. 


see the FAQ for licences information :


you still have questions, please contact local cisco partner, they easy suggest you, rather buying wrong product by assuming that it will solve your needs.


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Re: private user of RV345P needs what licenses?

Hi BB thanks for the link but this is high level blabla. for instance it doesn't tell you that you dont get a smart account as a private person as you would give an owned domain for verification and opening of that account... so how am i supposed to ouse the smart account feature then? and then I dont understand why the hell there is bottom limit of 25 licenses minimum... we are talking about 'small business' routers right? so what is small... 5? yes sure! but for sure not 25! lots of problems before even getting to buy anyithing. it seems like cisco doesnt want you to buy anyhting from them. i might just swap to another product as this gets to complicated to me