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Problems with Port forward on RV180W

Until now i used a D-Link router with a DDNS account on I used the ddns account for accesing the surveillance camera when i wasen't at home. The ports for the cameras are 80 and 83.

I have a static ip and when i tiped the IP on broswer i was able to acces the camera with port 80 and when i tiped ip:83 i was able to acces the camera with port 83.

Today i got a RV180W router made de configuration (ddns, port forwarding) but now when i type the ip address i can't see the camera, instead the router interface is loading and when i tipe ip:83 i get the message "The connection has timed out".

I've tryed diferent things but i can acces the camera only by internal ip (192.168.1.x) but using the DDns address i can't acces the camera.

What i'm missing?


Tom Watts

Hi Nicolae, First thing to do is ensure you're on the latest firmware, after upgrade, factory default the unit

Second, create your customer services for the camera

Third, go to the access rules (not port forwarding) and make an access rule to point to the camera

If this isn't working out for you, please call the SBSC at 1.866.606.1866 (usa and canada)

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I had instaled the last firmware before reading your post.

New i had restored to the factory default and then configured  again the internet connection, DDNS, created custom services and then  the access rulles, but still not working.

I will put some print  screen with the setings that i've done, each camera have diferent  setings because i wans't sure witch one is the right one.

On  Access Rules there are more because i have ather things that goes  external besides the camera (diferent setings also because i'm not shure  witch one are correct, but i haven't tested them yet from various  reasons)

I prefer posting on the forum because i'm not a native english speaker and i'm not that good at speaking english and for my country (Romania) i don't see any number in that list.


Why do you have to factory default after you update the firmware?  I would think that it would already be at the default after the upgrade.