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Protocol Binding and IPSEC


Hi All,

Hope you guys can help with my problem.


We want to have a site to site IPSEC VPN connection with our hosting service and also have individual client IPSEC connections to the same host but to a different network within it.


We have an RV082 dual WAN router which is configured to use Load Balancing and Port Binding to pass IPSEC VPN requests through.

The Site to Site IPSEC is not configured yet, we're just trying to make sure the port binding works.


2 WAN connections with their own static IP addresses

we want to use WAN1 for general internet (and Site to Site VPN will be using this WAN)

we want to use WAN 2 is for IPSEC VPNs (client based VPNs)

The router is setup for load balancing and have setup port binding to use WAN2 for the IPSEC service Source IP is to and the Destination IP range is set with the hosters IP address.

Tested it and it worked fine but then noticed only 1 client could connect at a time, later when it went to production we noticed that the connection became flaky and would sometimes not connect at all.

With only the WAN2 connected to the router we can connect fine (even multiple connections) but once WAN 1 is back in we have a problem.

With only WAN1 connected we cannot connect to the IPSEC in any way even with the port binding removed. This is most likely an ISP or Hosters configuration issue as we tried with another router that worked fine before and this also failed. (pending investigation but kept the info just in case it's relevant)

Would be grateful if anyone can answer the below for us.

Does Port Binding support multiple client VPN requests?

Would any port forwarding on WAN1 cause issue (though no IPSEC port forwarding is going on)?

Is there a setting on Port Biding that would automatically drop connections?

hope the above makes sense, please do let me know if you need more info.



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