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Quick VPN Certificate Error

I keep getting "Server's Certificate doesn't exeist on your local computer. Do you want to quit this connection?" However I have installed the latest cert from the RV0042 into the program folder. This is running on a XP SP3 laptop also had the same problem on a XP SP3 desktop. Both of the machines had the old version of QVPN on them and were removed with the new version install. I did not get this error with the old version. If I click the button to ignore the error I can still connect, however it takes a long time.

RV042  Firmware version : (Feb 13 2009 13:03:21)

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Re: Quick VPN Certificate Error

Good afternoon,

Sorry to hear you're having this problem. When you upgraded the version of the client program on your client machines, how did you go about that process? Did you delete the previous version in Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs" section? Or did you simply delete the old Quickvpn files from it's installation directory and then install the newest version of

Are any of your other quickvpn clients able to connect in with the certifcate installed in the directory? And with that being said, where are you installing that client certificate? Normally, it should be placed into this directory: C:\Program Files\Cisco Small Business\QuickVPN Client (assuming C is the drive you installed your Windows OS on)

If you would rather not attempt to solve this in the community, I just wanted to let you know that if your router's still under the 1 year phone support warranty, you should feel free to contact us at 1 866 606 1866 and open a case with us for live support. We can help you test it that way. Just letting you know that's available.

Let me know what you think, we're standing by.




Re: Quick VPN Certificate Error

Thanks Lindsey for the reply. I just installed the new version with removeing the old one frist "assumming" that it would update and keep the old server profile settings. I do have one other older version still running with no problems. This router is only a month old so if I can get a resolve here today I will can in a ticket in the morning. I just figured that this is more then likly somthing simple that I over looked.